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Hey I'm Evan. I'm a software engineer who loves coding, games, and coding games! I hope to write more about philosophy and coding.


Multiplayer programming is tricky, so let’s start with the fundamentals of working with networked game objects.

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Writing presentational code separately in Ember is incredibly powerful, here’s why.*xEOLl2-qU5fQCzkzEybNag.jpeg


There’s valuable data out there, here’s how to get it!

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What does it mean to buy a domain? It’s time to learn about DNS!

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Learn why working with data in Ember is a breath of fresh air.

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Sometimes a change in our words is exactly what we need to combat anxiety.

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What are those movie hackers doing with all that green text floating around? Come get the scoop on terminals!

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Start a new project and learn about the 3 main file types in Ember!

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Come learn what in the world a server is, and join the conversation.

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